Project Description


Foundry recently SOLD OUT after only 9 months on the market.

The spirit of reinvention is at the heart of Foundry’s history as a homestead. The restored Rizun residence is a cornerstone of the Foundry community and recalls the resilience of Wacluna Rizun who in the 1930’s remarried, rebuilt her life, and raised five children here generations ago. This story became the inspiration for the creative brand for Foundry as home owners identified with the beauty in new beginnings. Incorporating some of the new home interior specs, KBD designed the interior layout and finishes of the heritage home to serve as a unique and memorable sales experience. Artisan finished details included reclaimed wood from the same era, interior brick walls, custom steel furniture and industrial style lighting. Memorable takeaway print pieces complete the story of the brand with a sentimental postcard between two sisters pioneering new lives for themselves.

  • brand strategy

  • naming

  • brand identity

  • brochure + print collateral

  • marketing signage

  • interior environmental graphics

  • millwork design

  • advertising

  • website

  • writing

  • Miracon Developments