Project Description

Hardbite Veggie Chips

While Creative Director at CREW Kelly was asked to develop a new product packaging strategy to be introduced by an established West Coast lifestyle brand – Hardbite Chips. Hardbite had established itself as BC’s hardworking rebel chip – the “get out there and brave the elements” brand. And now, it was introducing not only a new product for the brand but also to consumers; veggie chips – starting with parsnips, beets and carrots. At the time, snacking on parsnips was unheard of — let alone beets and carrots. So, how would Hardbite win over skeptics? Directly, in your face and with an edgy sense of humour. The idea that these were not your Mama’s parsnips — the ones you sat at the table for hours over — was central to inspiring a catchy lineup of memorable product names. The team knew the value in clarity of showing an image of the vegetable inside the bag. But unlike most pristine and beautified food photography, the Hardbite approach would be to present these veggies as if they’d just been yanked out of the earth with gritty soil and all. This creative strategy established a solid (and fun) foundation for the team to develop creative writing, ad campaigns, video scripts and future product naming. Product flew off the shelf from the get-go and the line-up now boasts seven skus.

  • NEW product branding

  • product naming

  • packaging design

  • photoshoot + video art direction

  • Hardbite Chips