Project Description

Wise Bites

On behalf of CREW, I designed a new packaging strategy for a new product lineup from Wise Bites. Historically, the brand had some equity in their use of primary valued colours and their owl icon. However, the design of existing packaging — while clean and simple — had a bit of a sterile feel to it and an overload of information to read. This is a common challenge in the Natural Food category – with so many benefits to communicate, brands often struggle to prioritize what really matters to the consumer. So, this product was a real exercise in messaging hierarchy on package. Thankfully, the owl icon lent itself to an exciting opportunity to draw attention at aisle. By taking this small, almost visually insignificant icon to a larger than life scale we could take advantage of those hard to ignore owl eyes. Repetition of graphics, a lighthearted colour palette and a calculated hierarchy of information became the perfect recipe to make people look in the aisle. Presenting these snacks at actual size on package with tossed images of the fruit flavour communicated these bite size nutritious snacks were easy to grab any time of day.

  • packaging design

  • photoshoot art direction

  • Wise Bites for CREW